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IN THE FOG - A few words

When I first started writing IN THE FOG, I started with the germ of an idea: what would happen if a guy woke up one morning to find that his wife disappeared in the middle of the night?

And not just disappeared, but seemingly disintegrated? Her gown and wedding ring are in place in the bed, right where she should be. But instead of a simple missing-person-mystery, I allowed the story to flow and develop into something more sinister.

What, I asked, would happen if an entire town's female populace vanished? What would that look like? And, I found out quickly, that society would devolve in a matter of hours.

So, that's the premise of this new thriller. An entire small town's female population vanishes in the middle of the night. All but one, that is. Because when the body of one woman is found, the victim of a violent crime of passion, you, dear reader, get to see the degradation of society on a small scale. It's a supernatural mystery wrapped in a murder thriller.

I also wanted to explore in a post-#MeToo world the aftermath of such a violent crime and the people that commit those crimes. In IN THE FOG, we get to explore the world of involuntary celibacy, broken-down marriages and the consequences of hyper-masculinity in a broken-down system.

I hope you enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. IN THE FOG releases November 26th and is available for pre-order now on Amazon (ebook, $4.99) and my website (paperback, $14.99). All paperback pre-orders will be delivered signed and personalized.

I look forward to sharing this new story with you all. *insert heart emoji*


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